Underrated But Lucrative Courses In Nigeria


Since world is fast evolving and likewise our needs. We seek convenience and how we can get things done faster, some job roles that were once performed by humans can now be done more efficiently and fluently with machines.

Picking a course of study in Nigeria would require you to be prospective on what would be of relevance in the coming decades in the country. There is a general notion that lucrative courses are just Medicine, Law and the almighty Accounting, but in this article, we’ll be highlighting some underrated courses in 2020 with a profitable prospect in Nigeria.


With companies and businesses in the country now concerned about brand management and online reputation management, public relation is a course that you should consider studying in Nigeria. A good number of Federal and State University offer degrees in Public relations, you can as well obtain some professionals certificates with your degree.


There is no need for a long talk on this, right? I guess so.

As we all know Agriculture is the present and future of Nigeria’s economic growth, with the increasing global population, there is an unavoidable increase in the demand for food. Courses in Agriculture would be highly needed and appreciated in the coming years.


Running a business is said to have risks, but the risks are minimal when properly managed by the right hands. A lot of business owners are in desperate need of effective Business Managers. Business Management is a very lucrative course with its horizons in every sector of the economy in Nigeria.


Computer science is sometimes underrated because a lot of students do not see the bigger picture of studying the course. The world is already a digital village and those with digital knowledge runs it.

Computer science has so many fields within it but as a student considering a career in Computer science, you’ll need to be clear on your aspirations and goals, you might also need to be open to learn and take professional courses to become an expert in your field.


Estate Management concerns the appraisal, acquisition, development, marketing and disposal of property, or sometimes the ongoing management of properties.

Real Estate is the current gold in the market sector and it is here to stay. Estate owners require efficient real estate managers to properly manage their properties. You can consider a career in real estate.


Nigeria is a developing nation and a lot of infrastructural development are going on all over the country. Civil engineering is a highly lucrative course in Nigeria, you get to be at the centre of rural to urban growth.


Data analyst and Statisticians are highly sought after in the finance industry, medical industry, manufacturing industry e.t.c. A degree in Mathematics and Statistics has a bright future for its holders if you take the right steps in becoming an expert in the field.


The Human Resource Management department ( H.R.M) or (HR) is currently one of the most important departments in every organization because it bridges the gap between employers and employees.

Every new organization would need an HR department and this is why H.R.M would still be a lucrative field in Nigeria in the next decades.


Who wouldn’t want their businesses heard by the right audience and customers?
Marketing is a profitable course with so many benefits embedded within it, you can never be wrong if you choose to study marketing in the higher institution.

A piece of candid advice is that you should consider professional skills in digital marketing alongside your degree.


Nigeria’s education sector still has a lot in stock for the youths, recently University of Ibadan was ranked among the top 500 universities in the world, this simply shows that with more hands-on-deck we could be among the best 100 in the world.

Education is important as well as having the right industry skills is also important. The courses in this article were selected based on their current and future relevance in Nigeria as a developing nation, you can make proper research before taking any step further in choosing a course to study.


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