Students In Leadership: The Post-Covid19 Renaissance


INTRODUCTION: As we mark the International Students Day…

Unravelling History, 17th of every November remains historic in the students’ Memoir of events.
In 1939 when the Nazi troops executed nine student leaders and sent over 1200 students to concentration camps and even closed all the Czech colleges and universities, The courage displayed by the students during this incident was unforgettable hence the need to commemorate their legacy.
Since 1941, students from all parts of the world started celebrating November 17 as the International Students Day.

However, Akwa Ibom Students have over time built on the gains of the struggle through positive repositioning and mental recalibrating and have drawn a new paradigm to further oil the wheels to a clearer and more distinctive struggle.

In Akwa Ibom State, the Special Assistant to the Governor on Student Matters has assumed the responsibility of putting together a symposium as a flagship activity to commemorate the global day of Students and also afford participants the opportunity to reflect on the theme as Students have enjoyed great support and exceptional boost from Government, part of which is the free and compulsory education from Primary to secondary schools hence, ours is a testimony of goodwill.

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As we mark the 2020 International student day with the Theme “Students in Leadership: The Post-Covid19 Renaissance” we shall give great concern and strength to chatting a new paradigm to surviving the Post-Covid era with reflection to what we have achieved as a people and possible ways of achieving more.

At no time has higher education been so comprehensively impacted as it has been during the Covid19 pandemic period, demanding complex and innovative responses to the multidimensional challenges posed to human affairs and global leadership.

The strategy focus of the event is to convene a veritable multi-sectoral forum for brianstorming/cross fertilization of idea on needed strategies to edge Nigeria’s education sector to the next global competitive level, remind stakeholders of their responsibilities towards achieving the goals of National Education Policy.



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