NANS Akwa Ibom JCC Blows Hot Over Non-payment Of Bursary And Grants


National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Joint Campus Committee (JCC) oversees the running of Campuses in Akwa Ibom State and interfaces with the NANS Senators who are the Union Presidents and other stake holders.

Comr. Edidiong Uko
(NANS Chairman) Narrates:  “My attention has been drawn to a faceless group who are placing a demand tagged five of five for Akwa Ibom State Students. As the Leader of Over 1.1million Nigerian Students, after due consultation with union leaders across the campuses, our resolve is as follows:

1. That the demands of that faceless group aka “Future errand boys” is not the position of Nigerian Students in Akwa Ibom State.

2. Akwa Ibom Student leaders have a forum in which they will articulate their position to His Excellency viz the SA on Student Matters.

3. The faceless group which we consider as “Future errand boys”, after enjoying themselves in whereever they are, believes they can come back and do the bidding of their masters by causing unrest in the peaceful student community.

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4. No State in Nigeria, with the short fall in revenue and in the face of pandemic, has pay bursary to students. Rather, we appeal to His Excellency that in the 2021 supplementary budget there should be increase in funds for education and also budgetary provision for students bursary & grants.

5. I hereby warn anybody masquerading as a student leader, with an aim to cause unrest in the student community, to desist or be resisted.

6. I also appeal to Nigerian Students to always be wary of peppertual student leaders who have refused to graduate, always seeking for one office or the other.
Such are merchants, not leaders and should be ignored completely.

7. I hereby appeal to His Excellency to stop the payment of grants to Law and Medical students, as all Akwa Ibom State students need grants.
Selective Justice is Injustice.

8. I call on the peace loving Akwa Ibom State students to remain calm as November 17 is a date with His Excellency, the Father of Akwa Ibom State students, where we shall make known our requests”.

As a Nigerian Students let’s hear your view concerning this matter in the comments section.


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