Outstanding: Oladimeji Shotunde, Shattered LASU’s 37-year record with 4.95 CGPA


At first, it was 4.78. A year after, he bagged 4.86. Aiming at the prize annually set aside for the best graduating student (BGS), Oladimeji Shotunde would thereafter rake in 5.0 twice as his grade point in 300 and 400 level, a feat that saw him spiral up to 4.95 in his final year — setting a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) that shattered pre-existing records in the Lagos State University’s (LASU) 37-year history.

It was on the back of this achievement that the Lagos state government awarded Shotunde, a 22-year-old graduate of Business Administration, the monetary prize of N5 million alongside a postgraduate scholarship and automatic employment in the civil service. Yet, thriving in the labour market and attaining career success demands more than academic excellence, Shotunde’s university journey had seen him take up several leadership positions.

He had founded Excel Minds, an educational services brand that is now morphing into an edutech startup, while still on campus. He’d enlisted his colleagues to deliver course-specific tutorials, trainings to ready students for jobs, conferences, compendia, debates, and other sessions. In the dusk of his campus life, he would stage an award and dinner night where he recognised executives of the brand as well as lecturers that made an impact on his colleagues.


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