Akwa Ibom State Government Sets 4th January, 2021 For School Resumption


Coming through ‘The excerpts from the meeting of the executive council of Akwa Ibom State Government held on Wednesday 30th December, 2020’

The Governor, sitting as Chairman-in-Council thanked God for preserving the lives of members and prayed for protection in the coming year. He charged members to gear up for a very busy year, as the next year will be critical to the completion agenda of the current administration.
Council received the report of the state of schools in preparation for resumption from the short Christmas break, in line with the current spike of COVID-19 . HC- Education briefed council that the schools in the state were still running their 1st term which is due to end on January 23, 2021. Council decided that in view of the existing resumption plan, the resumption date for schools will remain 4th January, 2021 in order not to disrupt the academic calendar. The Council directed the Commissioner for Education to ensure that all COVID-19 preventive guidelines are adhered to by all the schools. Council also received a report from the ad hoc committee on Schools resumption, headed by HC- Youths and Sports and directed that the construction of fence be immediately commenced in all schools in Uyo metropolis, to help with security of infrastructure in schools.

Council further directed that water facility be immediately provided for schools with student population of above 1,000.
Furthermore, Council charged HC-Information & Strategy to liaise with HC-Health to design a more robust Risk Communication and Community Engagement strategy to keep the citizens aware of the damaging effects of the COVID-19 and preventive measures.


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