Nigerian Graduate Becomes Full-time Farmer, Says He Wants To Reduce Job Scarcity


A Nigerian graduate has embraced farming at time many youths are looking for white collar jobs or office jobs.

Ndifreke Gospel has delved full time into farming as an occupation in a bid to contribute to the country’s food produce.

The native of Akwa Ibom state who graduated with a degree in Insurance and Actuarial science from Imo State University, said he is very passionate about the crop cultivation occupation.

In an interview with Legit, the young farmer said his desire to contribute his quota to the nation’s food produce and to reduce job scarcity informed his decision to take up farming.

Speaking on his plans to reduce job scarcity in the country, the 28-year-old , said he will be employing hands on his farm and more personnel as he is nursing the idea of expanding his farm products to other states.

The young man who cultivates Okra among other crops, intends to be farming on a large scale in the next 5 years challenges other youths to go into farming as, according to him, it is a business occupation that can never fade.

He spoke on the plans for the future, saying:

“Yes,I actually want to add a very pig warehouse for my farm products.


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